woman's hands holding grey gerbil


I’m a Scottish lady who just loves the pitter patter of tiny paws. As a child, I always had hamsters. Then, as an adult, I made an amazing discovery – gerbils!

I love everything about them: their cuteness and curiosity, how tame and trusting they become, their social bond with each other, and all their funny little ways.

Currently, I have four gerbils. A pair of super-tame, middle-aged boys called Niles and Frasier, and these two lovable pups, Pithy and Boon. I also have a doe-eyed dwarf hamster called Daphne Moon.

And now, over to you! What are your favourite products? What do your gerbils like? Any pet care tips? Add your comments to the blog!

Disclaimer: I don’t have any veterinary training. I write from my own experience of keeping gerbils. Also, this site is not commercial. I haven’t been paid for my reviews, and I buy all the products myself.