Tunnels and tubes for gerbils

grey gerbil appearing out of cardboard tunnel, black gerbil standing behind him

Winner: any brown cardboard poster tube

Finally, something useful in the attic! All my brown cardboard poster tubes have been dusted off and repurposed. They’re the perfect size and shape for my gerbil playpen.

They’re multifunctional too. Trouble tempting a shy gerbil out of the cage? Use a tunnel. Escaped gerbil roaming free? Use a tunnel. Gerbils skittish in the playpen? (You know what I’m going to say!)

It simply brings out all of their natural instincts and behaviours, and makes them feel safe. And sometimes they’ll peek out and there you have it – the perfectly framed snap.

grey and brown gerbil graphic

“I use it to hide from the paparazzi…”

black and dark grey gerbil graphic

“Love love love our hay tunnel. Delicious and nibbly!”

Runner-up: Pets At Home small pet hay tunnel

I can tell when a toy is a big hit, as the boys are all over it. So it is with a hay tunnel. They run through it, gnaw on it, nibble the hay, hide in it…

My older gerbils hold the demolition record for these tunnels. Half-gone and still going! But maybe the young pups will surprise?

Do your pets like tunnels and tubes? What’s their favourite type? Add your thoughts below. Before leaving a comment, please read the comments policy – thanks!

  • grey gerbil beside hay tunnel
  • black gerbil standing beside tunnel
  • grey gerbil hiding behind tunnel


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