Gerbil bedding

black gerbil standing beside coconut home

Winner: Pets At Home bedding recycled paper

This bedding wins hands down for me. This may be a teensy bit selfish…

Pithy and Boon always run amok with it, trailing it everywhere. They get tangled up in it and start to look like mini mummies. It’s all just too adorable!

On the plus side, the packaging boasts it is biodegradable and recyclable, with dust extracted. What’s not to like?!

grey and brown gerbil graphic

“I rampage around with bedding on my head!”

black and dark grey gerbil graphic

“I offer little bits of bedding to Pithy. Cos I love him!”

Runner-up: Carefresh animal bedding

I don’t tend to use this as bedding alone. Rather as substrate. What do you use Carefresh for: bedding or substrate?

In any case, it always ends up mixed in with the paper bedding, along with chewed-up cardboard and wood shavings. The boys seem to love it, and it looks super-cosy too.

What’s your preferred gerbil bedding? Any new ones out there? Add your recommendations below. Before leaving a comment, please read the comments policy – thanks!

  • grey gerbil standing in bedding
  • black gerbil beside pile of bedding
  • grey gerbil crouching beside pile of bedding


2 Comments on “Gerbil bedding

  1. For bedding, I give the gerbs “Back to Nature” grey paper pellets as a substrate, then lots of carefresh on top of it, with a final layer of Timothy Hay, which Basil in particular loves to gnaw on and make nests with, and which smells wonderful!

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    • Thanks for the comment – that combo sounds wonderful! I will try that out. I’ve seen those grey pellets in the shop and the hay as well. I wasn’t sure how to mix it, but think they’d really like that combo.

      Ooh, they’re going to be really pleased with me! Exciting! Thanks very much for the tip.

      Liked by 1 person

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